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Most swing gate operator arms will cross and produce a dangerous "scissor" action while opening the gate to 90 degrees, as shown in picture "A". We designed our CSW-200 operator arms to not cross, eliminating the scissor action as shown in picture "B". This feature reduces the risk of injury from the gate operator arm.





The digital current sensor continuously monitors the motor current. It can be set for both the opening or closing cycles. If the gate is closing and hits a vehicle, the sensor detects the increased load on the motor and reverses. If the gate is opening and hits a vehicle, it stops. The sensor is smart enough to not react to wind resistance or operation on off-level installations.




The magnetic lock system is incorporated into all of our CSW-200™ control boards, allowing you to easily add the “MG1300” magnetic locking system to the gate. The MG1300 is designed to withstand forces of up to 1300 lbs., and unlocks automatically in case of a power failure.



Constructed with 1/4", sanded, welded, and gold zinc plated sheet metal.

Swing arm
non-scossor type arm action.

Output shaft
2 1/2" cold-rolled steel.

Worm gear reduction
30-to-1 worm gears equal a 900-to-1 reduction in an oil bath.

Two,1/2 hp, instant reversing, 120VAC, 8 amp. motors working together = 1hp

High density polyethylene plastic and stainless steel for long life protection.

All metal parts are gold/zinc-plated for rust-proof protection.


Emergency release
The gate is easily disconnected by turning the release handle.

60/hr with 1000lb. gate.

Maximum gate length 20' Maximum gate weight 1000 lbs.

Gate traveling speed
90 degree opening in 13-15 seconds.

L24.5" x W16.5" x H28"

199 lbs. SHIPPING-221 lbs.

UL approved for the USA and Canada. Also approved by the City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety Electrical Testing Lab.



Modular board
Uses LEDs to indicate all input and output functions of the gate operator.

The two-way reversing sensor can be set for close or open cycles. If the gate hits a vehicle while closing, it reverses. If it hits a vehicle while opening, it stops.

Digital motor protection
Shuts off the motor after it reaches the stall amp for 3 seconds, then resets itself within 15 seconds.

Can be set from 0 to 60 seconds or for a "switch open/switch close" type operation.

Dictates synchronized movement between two gate operators.

3 spike suppressors
Fast response time (50 nanoseconds) when subject to an impulse surge (lightning strike) up to 100 amps.

Overload alarm sensor
Alarm is activated (beep sound) whenever the motion of the gate is held by an unwanted object.

Alternate outputs
Master/slave, alarm system, center loop, pilot door, and one 3-push-button station.

Electronic inputs
Radio receiver, key switch, safety loop, drop-out loop, exit loop, telephone entry system, computer input, fire department key switch and 3-push-button station.

Gate traveling time
Adjusted by a precision mechanical device and electrical limit switch.

NOTE: Gate travel speed may be impeded by installation, temperature, voltage differences and frequencies.




Elite Access Systems, Inc. warrants all commercial Gate Operators to be free of defects in workmanship and material for a period of 7 years for single home use and 5 years for commercial use, from the date of purchase. Wear and tear on all CSW200 Series gate operators is covered under this policy. Vandalism is not covered under this policy. Caution, in order to obtain full warranty, send the registration card by certified mail within 30 days from purchasing date to Elite Access Systems, Inc., otherwise a one year warranty will apply. Materials, components and specifications are subject to change without notice.


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