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The Infinity System

Infinity 'L'

The Infinity system is one of the most powerful and flexible access control systems in existence today. Yet, its user-friendly design also makes it one of the easiest to use. This section gives you an overview of how the system operates before we enter into a detailed discussion of the decisions you must make in specifying an Infinity system.

There are actually four series of systems that are covered by the name Infinity, each of which has a letter designation. The "L" series is a telephone entry system which features a large liquid crystal display (LCD) that provides an "electronic directory" using pages of 24 names at a time, as well as directions and feedback for visitors and for programming the system on-site. Card and/or code access control for two doors is an option in this system.


Infinity M

The M series has the same capabilities as the L series, except that it has a 2-line by 20 character LCD display with characters that are 1/2 high. The electronic display on the M series displays one name at a time and allows fast forward and reverse capabilities.

Infinity SThe "S" series is identical to the M" series, except that the LCD display has 2-lines with 16-characters on each line that are 3/8 high.



Infinity B
The "B" series is a card/code access-only system that comes in an enclosure which must be installed in a controlled area. The "DI" series has the same capabilities as the "L" series except that it uses a typed directory instead of the electronic directory.


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