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Siren-Operated Sensors

SOS - Fire/Police/911 responders, open gates with siren's yelp in 3 seconds, hands free.

Mandate that your gates and communities be uniformly 911 "RESPONDABLE".

Fire marshals are asking installers to use this life and time saving device. It will open any manufacturer's gate "hands-free". The siren of the fire truck or other emergency vehicle is all that is needed to signal this unique SOS unit. It is the owner's obligation to provide access for emergency equipment, it must be periodically tested and confirmed operational.

Thousands of SOS units are in use. We have not heard of a single instance of unauthorized entry. Only a few locations needed the vehicle presence detector to arm the SOS. You can lower the sensitivity enough to require the vehicle to be reasonably close to the gate.

The SOS is designed for non-directional use at gated compounds. Audio range: ten to one hundred feet (dial adjustable). These units are mounted in an all weather enclosure (3x6x2 inches). Full instructions are sent with the SOS, including an all weather "FIRE, EMS, POLICE, 911, hold sirens' YELP for SOS entry" decal to place at the controlled site. A demo "yelp" tape is also sent with all orders.

The SOS is compatible with all gate operators.

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